Our Heritage

Our story begins in 1994 when Norwex first started in Norway, under the name Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter. The concept of Cleaning without Chemicals spread quickly, and today we also operate in Canada, the United States, Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. With international expansion plans in the making, we look forward to spreading our mission of radically reducing chemicals in our homes, to countries around the world.

Our History

headshot, Bjorn Nicolaison, Founder


It all began in Norway with bugs on a windshield. In 1994, Bjorn Nicolaisen was introduced to a miraculous cloth that could effectively clean a very dirty windshield with the use of simple microfiber and water. Norwegian operation opens as Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter and the revolutionary “Cleaning without Chemicals” is born. At the time, this was an innovative cutting-edge approach to cleaning – an approach which focused on reducing the use of chemicals in the cleaning process.

Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter - first headquarters building

The revolutionary concept of “Cleaning without Chemicals” was embraced and the Norwegian business grew quickly throughout the country. To support the growth, the company maintained its modest building and invested the profits into building the support systems for the Consultants. From the beginning our Consultants, Customers and employees are our most valuable assets and we were already making a difference in the their lives.


The small “Cleaning without Chemicals” red microfiber cloth finds its way to Canada and Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter decides to open its first daughter company – Norwex Enviro Products. The first company to bear the “Norwex” name opens the door to North American expansion.

Norwex in Norway, shows world map with pin in Norway

Norwex Holding was established to support further international expansion opportunities.


Norwex Baltic is established in Riga, Latvia and now services Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Technical illustration of the loops of microfiber collecting particles and lifting them away


Norwex introduces a new microfiber with microsilver and success pushes us to the forefront in the industry


Norwex Australia officially opens. The Norwex Mission and focus on the environment and improving the quality of life resonated with this market, making Australia our third largest market in the global family.

Superior personal care products, including natural and organic options without harmful chemicals are added to the expanding product line to address growing consumer demand.

Norwex adopts “Improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.” as our Mission.


To better the quality and growing demand for microfiber, Norwex opens its own production facility in China.

Photo of Canadian Headquarters building


Norwex Canada headquarters expands to meet the growing North American needs.

Photo of staff with banner at the opening of the US headqaurters in Dallas


Norwex expands with the official opening of Norwex USA and an expanded line of Personal Care products are introduced

Photo of USA Distributions Center, Dallas, Texas


The Norwex USA Distribution Center celebrates its Grand Opening! This new facility is complete with dedicated staff eager to serve and a highly automated order processing system designed to ensure you get the best service possible.


Norwex logo - Improving Quality of Life


This year is a very special year as we expanded our mission and also launched a new logo to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Our new mission is now:

Improving quality of life By radically reducing chemicals In our homes

Additionally, we launched our new logo to better reflect this new mission. The water droplet has been part of our legacy since the beginning.  It signifies purity – no harmful chemicals. The leaf reflects our commitment to protect nature and the environment, always.  The home symbolizes our mission to create safe havens around the world … And the circle represents the global nature of our mission and vision. Altogether, a powerful symbol of what Norwex represents.

This year, as we celebrate our global 20th anniversary, we have some very exciting things in the works for you, beginning with our special “Celebrate with Us” promotion. Other big plans include the official 20th Anniversary kickoff at Leadership Conference in February, special incentives throughout the year, and of course a big anniversary party at National Conference this year—which you will NOT want to miss, trust us! What an exciting time to be a part of Norwex! We’re so glad you’re a part of our family!

Race home page


The Norwex Movement was launched. As part of the Norwex Movement, we created the RACE (Race Against Chemicals in the Environment) website to bring our global community of like-minded individuals together and to provide important, eco-friendly information about what we can do, collectively, to make a positive impact on the environment.