Leadership Team

Bjorn Nicolaisen

Bjørn Nicolaisen

Norwex Chairman

Bjorn Nicolaisen co-founded Norwex in 1994 and is the leader of the company’s Life Legacy Initiative.

As an attorney, Bjorn worked with the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and was an associate with the Attorney General of Norway. He has extensive international experience as a lawyer and was a district court judge in Norway. In 1988, Bjorn founded the Nicolaisen Law Firm, which became the largest rural law firm in Norway specializing in bankruptcy and business law.

In 2007, Bjorn retired as an attorney to follow his passion for helping others achieve their dreams through Norwex. He leads the company in shaping its core values, mission, goals, branding strategy, and vision for the future.

“If history has taught us anything, it is simply that the way we live our lives today will have a bigger impact on future generations than the monuments and buildings we build. We will all leave a legacy of some kind – good or bad – it is our actions that will determine how we will be remembered and the impact our lives will have on others. Only you control the legacy you will leave.”

Eivind Schackt

Eivind Schackt

Global Chief Executive Officer

Eivind has held numerous global leadership positions in the consumer goods industry, including Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 multinational company.

He has an extremely impressive track record, most recently leading a large European based multi-channel and multinational company to incredible growth in a few years. He is passionate about building teams that drive success as well as impacting the world by reducing chemicals in our homes. Eivind is very excited to be a part of Norwex.

Peter Cartwright

Peter Cartwright

Global Executive Sales & Marketing

Peter brings 28 years of global direct selling leadership to the Norwex Executive Team. He is responsible for developing worldwide strategic sales and marketing support for all Norwex markets, including Norway, the Baltics, Australia, U.S. and Canada as well as new market development globally.

Peter has extensive experience in international direct sales, and has taken companies from start-up status to multi-national fame. He’s spent much of his career developing international markets for leading global corporations.

Peter is committed to sharing the mission of Norwex with the world and giving its Consultants the power they need to leave their own lasting legacies.

"I could not be more excited about the future of Norwex. We have a renewed commitment to customer service, rewarding new programs, a focus on the future and doing everything we can to support our Consultants. The time for building your legacy is now."

Kristi Hubbard

Kristi Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer, Norwex USA

Kristi manages all operations for Norwex in the U.S., including development, management, and expansion. She’s an experienced manager in the direct sales industry and has served as CFO, President, and CEO of a $300 million company. Kristi has also been named one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Female Executives in the North Dallas Business Corridor” by Addison Magazine in Dallas.

She is committed to empowering each Norwex Consultant through quality products and rewarding opportunities and uses her experience and passion for helping people to create and implement a solid growth strategy for the company.

Kristi’s strong financial background, creative vision, and unique understanding of operations strengthen the company and its mission to improve quality of life, one person—one family—at a time.

"At Norwex, we are in the business of improving quality of life for both our customers and our Consultants. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than to see the personal effect that our efforts have on the lives of everyone they touch."

Judy Letain

Judy Letain

Chief Executive Officer, Norwex Canada

Judy manages all operations for Norwex in Canada, including development, management, and expansion. She has served Norwex for more than 5 years, most recently as Vice President Communications and Consultant Care, North America. She is a driven leader who builds strong working relationships across the organization and leverages broad-based operations and sales expertise to facilitate the achievement of strategic initiatives. Judy’s key objectives include setting and implementing strategies, casting vision and building culture within the Canadian organization.

Judy is passionate about helping Consultants achieve their dreams and improve quality of life while maintaining the integrity of the Norwex brand and the company’s Mission of radically reducing the use of chemicals in our homes.

"Our Consultants inspire me every day with their dedication to make a difference in the world we live in and in the lives of the people they touch. Together we are making a difference!"

Debbie Bolton

Debbie Bolton

Global Chief Sales Officer, North America

Debbie leads sales operations in North America and brought Norwex to Canada in 1999. Thanks to her leadership and vision, the company is still growing strong and continues to improve the lives of its Consultants every day.

With 28 years of experience and expertise in the home party industry, Debbie is an asset to the sales team at Norwex. In 2008, she won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Business to Consumer Division in the Canadian Prairie Region.

Debbie is passionate about sharing her expertise and showing Consultants how to become better leaders and successful entrepreneurs. She’s committed to helping people achieve their true destinies and make the planet a better, healthier, happier place to live. Her spirit is contagious and her motivation to help her team succeed is unstoppable.

Amy Cadora

Amy Cadora

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Amy is responsible for the marketing operations at Norwex, which include public relations, media, creative, branding, and product management. For 20 years, she’s led marketing and product development for the direct sales natural & organic industries—including international positions in Europe. Many of the products she’s created have been showcased in Oprah’s O List!

At Norwex, Amy combines her talent for selling products that promote natural and organic living with her desire to create a better quality of life for her customers and leave a lasting legacy of hope and happiness.

"The Norwex purpose aligns perfectly with my own personal mission to make better choices about the products we use and the impact they have on the planet. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to bring that passion to work here at Norwex and excited about our future."

Amelia Spolec

Amelia Spolec

Global Chief Information Officer

With over 20 years of experience in information technology, Amelia is an expert in digital efficiency. Her extensive background in field support facilitates the effective use of personal technologies for optimal Consultant success.

She believes technology should embrace and support the mission of field leaders, their teams, and their customers.

Her track record of success includes designing compensation plans to supercharge Consultants’ incomes and creating user-friendly Websites and easy-to-use applications.