Top 5 Things I Must Have when Traveling

With the busy summer travel season starting, I'm checking my bag to make sure I have everything I need for an emergency on the go. Despite my best-laid plans, I never know when my little "emergency bag" will come in handy. Here's what I keep in mine:

Norwex Microfiber
There are so many germs when you are traveling. A recent study found that ridesharing service vehicles have some of the highest bacteria levels, so I always travel with the Microfiber Variety Pack. I get its miniature EnviroCloth® wet with a little water from my water bottle to be sure that door handles and seatbelts won't share their bacteria with me. It also comes in handy for removing bacteria on airplane tray tables, hotel light switches and TV remotes. As a bonus, the Microfiber Variety Pack also comes with a mini Body Cloth to softly cleanse away grime after a long day of traveling.
Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner
Whenever I've come into contact with germy surfaces, I'm always relieved that I have my Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner with me. Other hand sanitizers usually have alcohol and harmful parabens and/or triclosan in them, but this one is free of all of those. It's highly concentrated to get my hands thoroughly clean, and it also keeps my skin moisturized (and smells really fresh too).
Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel
This product is a life-saver! After a long day of work or travel, I use the roller-ball applicator to massage in natural extracts and relax any part of me that's tense. It works so well to promote relaxation, it now has "must-have" status in my emergency bag.
Natural Sunscreen Lip Balm (SPF 15)
When it comes to sunburns, most of us remember to protect our face, arms, legs, etc., but did you know your lips can also get sunburned? No matter the season, I always have my Natural Sunscreen Lip Balm handy to keep my lips soft and to shield them from harmful rays.
Reusable Wet Wipes Bag
You might be asking, "What does this do?" but this is where I store all of my emergency products. The larger pocket is water-resistant, so when I use my EnviroCloth, wet or dry, I know I can put it right back in this bag. It's big enough to carry all the products I need on the go, yet small enough to fit in my purse or carry-on.

It's great knowing that whatever situation I run into, my emergency bag is there for me. My little bag is easy to carry in the car, plane or train, and it's always packed and ready to go on my next adventure with me!