Debbie Bolton discusses the meaning of this donation and the impact it will have
on our frontline healthcare heroes. Watch the video. 


A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous.

We have been so moved by your response to our Norwex donation of one million masks to healthcare professionals fighting the spread of coronavirus, and we are excited to share that the masks are in the air!

The shipments are destined to our partner organizations–including in the US and Provincial Health Departments in Canada–for distribution in North America. Upon arrival, the masks will be passed on as quickly as possible to locations identified as having the most need in the hardest-hit areas.

Norwex Mask Initiative Flyer

We are so grateful that we had this opportunity to help protect some of the true frontline heroes of this crisis through our charitable foundation. Giving back and caring are a tremendous part of what our Norwex Family stands for, and we are thankful that together we could show our endless appreciation in such a meaningful way.

“Generous donations like the Million Masks initiative are invaluable to our cause to help healthcare heroes fight coronavirus on the ground,” said Deyu Kong, Founder (Donate PPE). “Without proper protective equipment like face masks, our doctors are at high-risk and are unable to fully protect themselves from COVID-19. Thanks to companies like Norwex, we can operate on a much larger scale and have a significantly greater impact.”

We will keep you updated as the masks are delivered, and, as part of our Foundation for a Brighter Future, we will be reporting stories back to you later this year. As always, you and your loved ones are in our thoughts, and we send you heartfelt wishes for your health and wellness.




We hope this letter finds you and those you love safe and well. Please know that you are in the hearts and thoughts of everyone here at Norwex.

As we navigate uncertain times, I have been so inspired by the extraordinary responses to this crisis from our Norwex Family and from people and communities around the globe. Today I want to share with you how Norwex is rising to support today’s challenges, adapting our business and ensuring that we are here for you.

First, we are honored to announce “A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous.” We are pleased to have secured one million masks for distribution through non-profit groups like who will handle the distribution of the masks across the world, getting them into the hardest hit areas in our markets where the demand is highest. We can never thank our healthcare professionals enough—they are true heroes who risk their lives every day to help those in need—but we’re grateful we can provide aid at this time as a way to show our endless appreciation for all they do. Watch the video to learn more about this initiative, plus hear another exciting announcement about Microfiber personal-use masks, coming soon.  


Lastly, I want to assure you that each and every order you place is packed and shipped with the utmost care to ensure it arrives safely on your doorstep. Our warehouse employees and staff who are not working from home are practicing social distancing and, of course, frequent handwashing. We’re also deep cleaning our facilities regularly, all to help ensure our work environment is healthy and safe.

We are so proud to be making such a powerful difference in homes and lives around the world during these uncertain times.  

Stay safe and know we’re here for you,


Judy Letain & Debbie Bolton Photos